Saturday, May 12, 2012

Lead life with peace!

Dear friends,

I want to share the most important valuable thought, which we need every moment of our life. Nowadays, it's very clear that nobody will keep us happy at all times even we are righteous. Some times, we should be the person for ourselves to console, motivate, laugh with. Please go ahead with this post which adds some moral values to lead a peaceful life.!

Do not recycle the past. 

Trying to recycle the past is like trying to save a totally black, half a year old banana, an almost impossible and worthless feat if accomplished at all. Instead of trying to recycle the past we should mainly be focused on living the best life that we can today progressing towards the dreams that we desire to fulfill ourselves in the future.

Remember that trying to liv...e in a place that you feel was the best time of your life, will only limit your future, and will only distract you from experiencing your present, which should be the best time in your life yet! Though it is very important to cherish the memories that we have made in the past, for they helped to make us who we are now, we must always remember that the person we were in the past does not limit the heights that we can climb if we are willing to try our hardest to climb to reach them.

It is your life! You have to live... No other persons have rights to enter into yours without your permission...