Monday, August 15, 2011

Aug 15 - an Independence day or a public holiday?

Noways we think of Gandhi and fellow fighters on Independence day, Republic day and Gandhi b'dy like days only.. Tat z because those are public holidays(I feel shame of boarding down this thought. But tat s d true among 70 percent of the youth...) And our forth coming generation has no way of knowing the history behind India's freedom.. How can they get the feel 'patriotism' while we don't have.? We wind up the patriotic day with TV programs.. Who knows, after some 60 or 70 years, these public holidays will be working days... They'll forget about all fighter ji's, value of India's tradition and all... So and so..... From this spl day, lets try to be a true Indian. 1930's and 40's ppl fought for freedom, we're not in their situation. Lets try to make our India greeny.. Tat is our duty in India 65! Let this be your goal!!

Go Green....

Lets celebrate this independence day in this way! Very Happy Independence Day! !