Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Which IDE is developer friendly for Java developers?

The most hitting question for java beginners is obviously 'which platform to choose'. All the integrated environments provide almost all facilities with same functionalities, equal compatibilities with newer plugins etc. The popular ones are eclipse and netbeans.

Both can be learnt easily, user friendly, blended with plugins.. They differ with the level of usage. First I tell about eclipse. It occupies less space than the other; platform friendly. More plugin support is provided. The plugin extensions can be appended with eclipse is so easy and many online how to tutorials are available.

In case of Netbeans IDE, it seems more formal but occupies more memory for keeping its jar cum other sole APIs in our system. So obviously it takes more time to open its workspace than the other. Functionality wise it is flawless but for doing a project, or for creating a website even it is dynamic going for this will build complexity as the web development needs to include more seperate jar, war, ear files and extra plugins.

So in my perspective, don't complicate the platform because definitely complications will be there during project development. So finally the choice is Eclipse. Most of the incremental builds are being done in eclipse.!6x than netbeans.!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Organic Shops in Chennai!

The term 'Organic' plays magic in city lifestyle. Ya, we're ready to buy any utility that is brought in organic way. Peak on them are millets. Many places provide these millets but very few of them are organic. Most of the provisional stores that are selling these goods as they became attractive. But most of the general stores selling products are not 100% organic. So if you want to get such items, walk in an organic store nearby. Compromise the price for not compromising the quality. Personally, I have felt many times while taking these millet foods, I can stand for a long time; I could go for a long walk; I could travel more without tiredness. The complete result was stomach filled feel even with lesser quantity of food. But the strength is triple than from normal intake. More than fruits intake, millet food gives strength to work.

So, I have listed out some of the organic shops that I have got utilities.
1. Restore, Kottivakkam.
2. OFM, Adyar ( Organic Farmer Market) near Gandhi nagar.
3. Linga Bhairavi organics, Medavakkam (sister concern of OFM).
4. one more organic shop next to cake point, kottivakkam- forgot the name.
5. vayal organics - online buying is there
6. Dhanyam Organics, T, Nagar.

I am damn sure about these shops' trustworthiness as I ve bought from here. Apart from this, Kaadhi store in any location of Tamilnadu is very good for products with lesser price cum good quality.

Using organic products, we're investing in health. It will definitely reduce our forthcoming usage of tablets. In a society, a human is considered as good citizen with three factors viz good health, good manners and good economy. Maintaining health brings discipline in our everyday life.

So start doing it!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Chozhamandal Artist Village - a short trip!

As usual, myself and my hubby got exhausted post lunch on this sunday after spending two days of weekend inside the apartment. We get bored and tensed in apartment as we dont spend time with outside people. Machine life has made us getting involved in some activity all time. Having no work for even a while doesn't seem as leisure time. it is like we are left alone with emptied life.... what a psychological thinking we are getting in this fast moving world. City is more populated but here humans are no where. This is not finding faults in others, but it's the true feel that everyone has in this city. Even limited talks with neighbors... Short mobile talks with family. I was very happy when I talked more... But now finding a person with free time and open hearted is too rare.. so  facebooking and blogging became a companion..

Going through travel blogs has become my later hobby. and I was stunned with the places around chennai... Chennai is not really a city.. It has its roots from old age itself... After lunch only, I surfed net for knowing near by places.. but worried a bit for my late surfing... More and more places are here to spend the whole day time... Ok coming to the point, after long time discussions, fights and arguments, We came to conclude tat the plan is going to Cholamandala Artists Village. We decided tat our late outing should not be a burden for us. bcoz returning late nights is not preferable for me. I will not compromise it otherwise I will lose the joy of outing.  Hubby too agreed as usual. He is a my kind of man and usually he always insists my preference.

We started by 4.30 pm from home. Towards Sholinganallur then to injambakkam on ECR. The roads were very classy and dust free. We can find the difference in ECR suburbs with less traffic and with highly settled people. Hubby likes having tea outside rather than at home, but I don't. So he had his evening tea in a shop in ECR enjoying the beauty of buildings and cars. Meanwhile I inquired about the art village's location. Again we continued moving towards. Finally we found it near a spencer plaza. It was a private road ahead to the artist village. The building seemed some decades old but situated with nature's pride. Platforms were the combination of rocks and tiles. Coconut tree and some other plants welcome us. Enjoying its presence I had a look around. It was totally awesome that I can't believe that I'm standing in highly polluted Chennai city.. Such a calm place it is. pindrop human silence but birds and squirrels were talking.

Parking the vehicle, hubby returned. He prefers staying at calm place. Whenever we go to tnagar or in the midst of heavy crowd, he will see me like his long time enemy showing a sight that why I brought him there. This time with his peaceful face, I found he liked the place so very much. After getting entrance ticket we entered. I completely liked the showcase pieces and some were not catchy for me as painting is too far from my interest. Such kind of lot more technical paintings were kept over there. I liked the way it was showcased. Each and every piece placed in the ground floor can be seen from the first floor too. Such a visibility was there. Air flow was too good inside the building as the ceiling is too high... We liked the interior and we talked about it(on which we had some knowledge about).. Ventilation and all were awesome...

We came to the garden area. Some pieces were showcased there too.. stone carvings, sculptures and some other statues... I took a left and got stunned. It was a BANYAN tree with more sub roots(விழுதுகள்). We took some photos of it.. talked more.. spent around an hour sitting there.... then returned with light hearts...

Weekend trip was nice.. Short trips don't give tiredness and makes me enthu to drive my life in this highly populated lonely city life...!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Weekend trip to Madambakkam!

Days have changed. We have become busier in weekends too.. Holidays were once given to relax from routine life, taking a short break then coming back to work even more brisk. But in these days, we form a tight schedule for doing all the works left during weekdays and preparing for facing forthcoming week etc.... We cant come out of it. Money plays well in our life by making us machines. Need to run along with time. Taking a break for breathing is really rare. My hubby planned to go out somewhere that gives peace. His ultimate aim is staying out of chennai rushes.. But is it possible in chennai?! so we started moving to suburbs that look like villages. Such places are available around south chennai. You can find small ponds near farm lands. We took a ride towards 'MADAMBAKKAM'.

Really it is a nice place to visit. Dad usually opts going anywhere like temples when it is not crowded. He will tell tat peace of mind will go out and finally at the end we will start thinking why we came to temple if we go in rush hours.. tat got sticked in mind so we started by 10 am.. The temple is maintained by TN Govt after they found it as one of the oldest temples in chennai.

The deity is Lord Shiva. Temple is made of rocks. The prahaaram is big enough and surrounded by trees and flowery plants. Almost you could find all the deities inside. Sthala virutcham is nagalinga maram. For the first time, I saw the flower and it smelled awesome.. it was like feeling the smell of mild perfume...

Rarely, the pond was opened. Usually the pond is maintained and surrounded by compound walls for preserving it clean. Seeing the gate opened, we entered into it.. A family was doing 'karuma kaariyam' at one corner.. Without disturbing them, we started walking along the bank.. It was nice walking holding hubby's hand and sharing the surprises of the building dimensions, walking areas, plants, rocky platforms etc.

 Pond - திருக்குளம்

The bank of the pond

The walking area was too wide. But it is closed now. Normally people are not allowed to walk.. Banyan trees are adding pride to the beauty.. Totally the environment was awesome. If it was a fine evening, we would not have heart to come out of it.. 

The view of the temple outer wall

The trip was nice. Seeing such a place near Chennai is very rare.. It was like a grand feast for eyes.. Enjoying the beauty, we returned home.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Food for thought!

எந்தவொரு சூழலும் ஒவ்வொரு நிமிடமும் நமக்கு கற்பிப்பதற்கென ஏதேனுமொன்றை வைத்திருக்கும். அதை எடுத்துக் கொள்வதும், விட்டுச் செல்வதும் நமக்குள்ள பக்குவத்தை பொருத்தது! அனால் அப்பக்குவத்தை பெற நாம் அடைய வேண்டிய துன்பங்களும், அவமானங்களும் ஏராளமே! ஆகையால் அனுபவங்களிருந்து அறிவு பெறுதலை பழக்கமகுதலே நன்று! ஏட்டுச் சுரைக்காய் கறிக்கு உதவாது எனும் தாராள தமிழ் பழமொழி நூற்றுக்கு நூறு சதம் உண்மை!குடும்பம் எனப்படுவது செண்பக சோலையாகவும் இருக்கலாம்; வறண்ட பாலையாகவும் அமையலாம். எப்படியாயினும் அதை கையாளுவதில் நிதானமும், திறமையுடன் கூடிய பொறுமையும் தேவைப் படுகிறது. அவ்விதம் இல்லையேல் வாழ்வின் எவ்வித சூழ்நிலையும் நம்மை அடுத்த நிலைக்கு எடுத்துச் செல்லும் போது அதற்குரிய மன தைரியத்தையோ, சூழ்நிலையை கையாளும் லாவகத்தையோ நமக்கு தராது. இவையனைத்தும் பிறர் பற்றிய புரிதலிலேயே பெரும்பான்மையாக அடங்கியிருக்கிறது. எனவே குற்றம் காணுதல் எனும் நீச்ச குணம் இன்றி சூழ்நிலையை நிதானத்துடன் கவனித்து அறிதலிலேயே உலக அறிவு முதிர்ச்சி பெறுகின்றது.

 (தமிழில் யோசிக்கும் போது நமது எண்ணப் பிரவாகத்தின் வேகத்திற்கு எழுத்தின் வேகத்தை கொண்டு ஈடு செய்ய இயல்வதில்லை.  எனவே என் எண்ணங்களில் இருபது சதவிகிதமே எழுத்தாக விழுகின்றது!)