Friday, August 27, 2010

Career - My View!

I'm being at home for 24 hours a day..And most of the time spending alone.. To whom I can talk else... Friends are being busy with their chores... So here i'm sharing some of my views with you... And sharing is the purpose of my blogging here..;) So please read ahead...

In this world, everybody have to make their life worthy. Ways are many for that; what we choose is important. What most of the people choose? Answer is 'money'. Ya, we ve to be money minded in this world. We can't change it bcoz it's too late.. More decades passed after ppl starting to run for money.... Running for money is not a bad thing... But 'conscience assassination' is the worst unbearable thing while running for money... yes, it is the true fact... Even this world is large enough, while people have discovered almost all part of the world, their hearts ve been narrowed. why? Because of the 'fear on future'. Money has the power of breaking the fear. If i have enough money, i get the confidence of facing whatever come across in my life. Does it stop with this? No..... I start earning more and more to give the same confidence to my children. Yes, I try to save money to give a good life for them too... So... this repeats and repeats... again and again..... in a circular path... then where I can stop.... in death only... Is that necessary... For toiling i've born? No yaar...... Life is a linear path... I need more fun, more enjoyments, more and more care from my lovable...  Nowadays, people are earning more as well as they have increased their expenses too... Saving is more important than earning... Saving only matters... If a man earning 50k's expenses are 30k and another one earns 35k spending 8k of his salary every month, then both r saving equally...

So Build a career not only for earning money... Career is the one which makes you satisfied by doing it... it should not be like pushing you to the extremity of tension... If you need time to accomplish it, just wait... and start to make yourself working for the goal. You can succeed... We should not pass time by estimating others life and imitating it... We have our own! We deserve to decide our future.

While sharing these things, the movie '3 idiots' comes across in my mind often... People who have seen it cant forget the two supporting characters of amir khan.. Maadhavan and Sharman Joshi.... The specialty is...those who have found their potential better choose it as their career... like wt Maadi did.... And if we dont know for what we deserve, its better to be an expert in what we do and where we are... ya, tats wt done by Sharman... (He got a campus offer while completing his graduation in Imperial Engineering College.). The great words ve been pictured in tat movie... Yes, we ve to give a nod for this..Dear friends, start following this.

That's nice of you bearing with my words here..!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Petrol Price Hike in India!

One of the main issue in India is 'PETROL PRICE HIKE'. Our government has been burdening people by increasing the price of goods. Even everything got raised , petrol hike s a very important notable issue as everyone buys this frequently.It's like their basic need in this modern world! More oppositions were raised against the UPA. This time, besides opposition, a large support for tat opposition made India to consult more about this issue. Mr. Manmohan Singh told tat  "people should understand the status of our Indian Government and people are wise enough to understand the reason of this hike." Still the crude oil costs the same. Then why Government has increased its price?

In India, even poorer people are living on average but.. still India is a rich country, 12th richest country in the world. So Govt thinks tat the people can manage as salary hike is given then and there. Ok, people could manage, then why this much strong opposition is there for this issue? The reason is "India is buying crude oil from Arab countries for Rs.35 per litre. The cost of refining is 60 paise. So the total cost is around Rs.36. The rest of the price are our tax to government." So, Govt has not increased the petrol price, indirectly it increased the tax payable. And recently after a long gap, the salary of M.Ps has been tripled. Where the money comes? From our tax alone... They are not ready to provide what people need, no visits to rural area without cameras and media... Boarding lodging free.... Free pass for traveling tat too with family.... Besides commission too.. corruption.... Then why salary hike..?

Understand where India goes.. Know the reasons behind the political happenings. Even they've not ready to be lenient with us, even they're not hearing our words, we must be aware of our surroundings.. Then how India is growing!! Incredible India!!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Second Poem - Thuravu!

என் சமீபத்திய படைப்பு - துறவு.


திருமணப் புறக்கணிப்புக்கு
      ஓர் எளிய வழி!
திருத்தமான வாழ்வின்
மன அமைதியின் மிக அழகிய வெளிப்பாடு.
மனித மனதின் மாறுபட்ட சிந்தனைத் தொடக்கம்.
ஓழுக்கத்தின் உச்சகட்டம்!

பகவத் நாமத்தை பஜனை பாடுவது
      அல்ல துறவு!
ஐம்புலன்களை அடக்குவதில்
      அமைந்தது அது!

உண்மையில் அது ஓர்
     அழகான இல்லறம்!
இந்த காளான் காதல் உலகில்
     துறவும் சாத்தியமே!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Yoga In My Life

Yoga! For me, pronouncing this word is like chanting the prayer lyrics. Tat much powerful.. You know some thing or some people automatically gets attraction while being spelled and seen... Words like Yoga, Ohm fall under these category.

Ya, fine.... Now coming to point... I was studying fifth standard that time. Here no matric schools were near by.. Of course now too.. We have to travel 10 kms to get a good one... So the prime minister and home minister of my family decided to switch me to tamil medium school which was near by street. My grand pa took me one fine morning to my new school.. just an informal visit on a summer day before joining..... a very fine morning walk to school.... he took me inside, main gate was open... we surprised and got inside.... 15-20 people were giving more different postures there.. One man was guiding them to correct the postures they gave.... Don't get puzzled, yoga teaching was being done at the moment... We were seeing it by standing in a corner of the playground.

I took a look of whole surrounding... The school was so good looking... too greeny..... grandpa told it was of 2 acres of bare land surrounded by more flowering plants... 2 to 3 mango trees too i suppose.... i liked it very much...  somebody patted my grandpa's shoulder.. i didnt notice it as i was surprisingly seeing the things happened on that moment... the flowers, the trees and the children who were playing cricket.... I was having a swift look on all wonders present there.. i can say it seemed like a lake view point..... yes a big sized pond was there beside the mango trees.... Grandpa was talking to the stranger then finally he introduced me to him... "Abi, see your tamil teacher. He's going to teach you." I saw him... over pounded weight...average looking... i wished him and make my hands crossed as i was advised by my fifth standard class teacher that it s a kind of politeness... He asked some questions.. While answering, my eyesight fell on the yoga man more times... he asked me if i want to learn it... I told yes, not intentionally but i didnt want to make my first answer to my teacher 'No'. He told my grandpa that a guy from tiruvanmiyur has come to teach yoga for 3 weeks. Those who were learning were some sophisticated chennai people.. Their looks even prooved tat... Actually he has brought them to teach yoga in a live environment, in a greeny surrounding.. Grandpa appreciated tat with a good nod and gave a smile seeing me...

He took me to the man and told pointing me "She will be coming  from today onwards. Small girl. She dosen't know about this. So dont impose your hard postures on her, please guruji.". He smiled and asked a lady to make me feel comfortable..She helped me a lot... I was doing aasanaas. But not involved fully... Often I was looking behind to make confirmed whether grandpa was there... Ya he was talking to my forthcoming tamil teacher... I completed and was told to come on the same time next day... I returned home and grandpa told my mom abt the yoga classes... She heard with a big smile in her face... She told to do those stuffs even at home... I was puzzled why mom was like tat, forcing me to do these excercises... But i obeyed her...

The day after, granny accompanied me... She was sitting on a bench, looking how things were going there..... The yoga master showed a handy book in which all the aasanaas taught had been depicted with picture... his own postures were there as pictures... I was exicted that I'd never seen a person in direct, whose picture was published in books... I guessed he might be a great person.... I utter obeyed him from the moment onwards...  considering him as a celebrity..... Granny bought that book.... At once returning to home, she gave the book to mom..She started reading it... Infact, she finished the book on the day itself... It was of some 70  pages, but pictures occupied more.... Then I started doing exercises which were taught by my celebrity..

Thus my yoga practices began... Continuing now too... But in the middle i left practicising.... Became irregular... But later after knowing the bare necessity of yoga, I started again.....

Really saying, "After doing the 'pranayama', i feel better in breathing. A deep breath comes after doing the excercise.." You too try it....These are the virtues given by ancestors. Start learning.. My advice is not to follow any books and dont read the strategies... You learn from a guru.... It s the best way.... Later you can follow the books...

I'd suffered from breathing trouble during winter days in my childhood... As practising yoga, i've come out of it... Now everything is perfect... Try it.... You can also feel the wonders.... Actually the aasanaas have been simplified now... Those which were taken into practice in early days were too hard... My guruji told nearly 84 lakhs yogaasanaas are available now... If so imagine how it were in earlier days..

Yoga is the best medicine for getting recovered from the diseases...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kannukkul Anbirundhaal! - The novel I recently came across.


I got a very good response for my recent post which s a tamil article. Thanks for that. I was enthused because of the responses I got that has made me to continue posting.

Fine. I'm a regular library goer. I use to read all sorts of books and.. while getting bored i preferred novels, particularly family novels... Yesterday.. i went to library. I started with dailies, then magazines... was reading... finally i was tired reading CSR magazine.. I think you know well it is a knowledge bank and excellent magazine for improving GK, personality and all good things... So it wont be like time pass, a worthy reading.. Such magazines are also there in India... and its a good news that youngsters prefer such magazines... I couldnt go through the pages of CSR for a longtime so i switched off to novels. I searched more, but no favorite author's book i got. So i took a book named 'Kannukkul Anbirundhaal' written by JeyaSakthi. While taking it, i didnt think it would be good. But while turning over the pages, I got stunned with a beautiful run of the story.

The start was normal but the travel was too good.... everybody will enjoy with this.. If you get a chance of seeing this book, dont miss to read it..

The story was... A fair, beautiful girl, completed M.A in english marries a guy who is doing grocery business. He is a 12th completed guy, who is dull in color. He is not fair, but good looking.. But that 23 year young girl has had more dreams abt her marriage life, husband.. She doesnt like tis guy who is opposite to all her dreams. It was an arranged marriage. Even she refused, her mom compelled more to adapt this. Because her father is going to retire in next two months. He has to settle his three daughters and she is the first. And the guy is from a rich family. But all the things he possesses came from his hard work.. During first night, the gal says everything to her guy.. He is shocked but he gives all the freedom to her. He even doesnt touch his wife, he stays in another room. Both r like living in a hostel.. The start goes like this... The gal is ilakkiya and guy is manivaasakan... how ilakkiya realises her husband's great thoughts, his tolerance... tis s d story.. Finally she wants to be a good wife of manivaasakan, a well disciplined man. These things are the rest of the story.. One of the most beautiful novels I read. During the travel, we also want to be discipline like the story characters..

You too read this novel if you get any chance.. "யாம் பெற்ற இன்பம் பெறுக இவ்வையகம்! " The author JeyaShakti has inscribed each happening like the change of the mind of two, the romance, the tolerance that the guy got with his wife, his business tactics, his hardworking nature...... Too enjoyable.... nice run of the story.!

Read it!

Friday, August 6, 2010

My First Poem - Amma!

நான் மகிழும் போது நிம்மதியடைந்தாள்;
வருந்தும் போது வாட்டமுற்றாள் ;
அழும் போது கண்ணீர் துடைத்தாள் - நான்
உழைப்பதை கண்டு ஆனந்தப் பட்டாள்;
தேவையெனில் ஆலோசனை தந்தாள்
தவறுகள் செய்தால் கண்டிக்கவும் செய்தாள்;

பேறு காலத்தில் பட்ட கஷ்டத்தை 
      சொல்லிக் காட்டுவதில்லை - பிறர்
குற்றம் குறை கூறும் போது என்னை
      விட்டுக் கொடுத்ததுமில்லை;

தாலி வழி வந்த உறவை காட்டிலும்
தன்னுளிருந்து வந்த உறவைப் பெரிதாய் நினைப்பவள்;

தனக்கு பசித்தாலும் 'வயதுப் பிள்ளை
   வயிறார உண்ணட்டும்' என்று
பட்டினி கிடக்கும் பக்குவம் பெற்றவள்;

எனக்கு சிறு கேடு நடப்பினும், பரிதவித்துப்
      போகும் முதல் ஆள்!

நான் வார்த்தைகளை விஷமாய் கொட்டினாலும்
    என் நலனுக்காக தவமிருப்பவள்;
என் தவறுகளை மன்னிக்க கற்றவள்;
என்னை திருத்தம் செய்தவள்;

'வல்லவளாய் வாழ்வதை விட
   நல்லவளாய் இருக்க கற்று கொள்'
என்று இன்றளவும் கூறி வருபவள்!

      உன் உள்ளத்து அன்பை நீ
           ஒட்டு மொத்தமாய் கொட்டவில்லை;
      உன் ஒவ்வொரு செயலிலும்
           வாரி வழங்கிக் கொண்டுதானிருகிறாய்!
                                                                                     -- அபிநயா

எனக்கு கவிதை எழுதிப் பழக்கமில்லை. இது தான் என்னோட முதல் படைப்பு. நிறைய கவிதைகள் படிச்சுருக்கேன். ஆனா ஒன்னு கூட முயற்சி பண்ணதில்ல. இது கவிதையின் இலக்கணப்படி இருக்கானும் தெரியல. என்னை எழுத தூண்டிய சதீஷ் அண்ணனுக்கு நன்றி.  

 கவிதையில் தவறுகள் இருந்தா மன்னிக்கவும். நான் இதில் அ,ஆ,இ,ஈ கற்றுக் கொள்ளும் மாணவி மாதிரி.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

India - My Country! Its mine!!

I bow my head infront of this child! Don't miss to see this video!!

Friends, Saw this video? How's it? Have we done like this? Tis small guy... That is patriotism. what a live talk wit Indian mother! We were not like this in our childhood. Atleast we can spread the word 'India' to our country children.

60 years went away after getting independence. Any of us know the whole history behind this.? like.. how our grandparents and their parents fought for freedom? how they struggled to live..? They are the reasons for our present living in this divine country... I think we are like 'our duty finishes with knowing those things; hw everything happened till 1947'... Is it so? Its like "ஏட்டு சுரைக்காய் கறிக்கு உதவாது. " Knowing is for implementing only... We should keep safe this India not only the reason its our country, its like respecting the freedom fighters..

Let me come to the point that "Don't see others like hw they behave, how they provide their participation and all. No matter how others are, we should do our duty sincerely." See... India's economy is growing... besides corruption too... What is happening in Common Wealth 2010? What happened with Lalith Modi in IPL? In road contracts of India... During Ganges-Cauvery plan....? Everywhere corruption and favourism... Where India goes? In spite of all these things, India holds a gud place in world's history. The reason is our 'RESOURCES'.. The main is human resource and food resource.. HR is more than enough in India; more than 50% of Indians are youngsters! But food... If it starts depleting, it s like the start of positional decrease of India..Urbanisation is the main reason. But more subsidy are there. Able to implement. but govt is not ready  why....?

India needs not go outside for the guidance in this matter... Mr. APJ Kalam has predicted well in his book "India 2020"... He is the most genius person who wants to make India to shine in all departments.. All the tactics and strategies have been given by him clearly... Do u remember a saying "Success is under our feet; we are not ready to bend!".. Its true in such matters!!!

Ok... We can make a powerful India only if we are out of corruption! Be honest in your mind! "அப்பழுக்கற்ற வாழ்வே அழகானது!" Energize yourself seeing this child! Youngsters are the future of India! Get the feel of being true to our country.. India is ours! We should own it! We should not be ready to give up our belonging to anyone!!! Are you ready to lose ur property? India - a rare gem! We should give a corruption free, pollution free India to our children as our parents did!

Be an Indian! सत्यमेव जयते!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

India unveils its Super Computer "Annapurna"!

India's latest supercomputer, 'Annapurna', was unveiled at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences (IMSc) in Chennai on Saturday.

Atomic Energy Commission chairman Srikumar Banerjee unveiled the country's seventh fastest high-performance computation (HPC) cluster having 1.5 Tera Byte (TB) memory and 30 TB storage space cluster capacity. Banerjee lauded the technical team behind the effort for creating the super computer in a completely non-commercial domain.  Complex issues ranging from biological applications and others could not have been approached in the absence of a supercomputer, he said.

"Among broad-based scientific institutions in India, the Annapurna cluster is the third fastest, ranking below the IISc Bangalore and Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai," an IMSc release said.  The device will be used in simulations and numerical calculations in the areas of statistical mechanics and condensed matter physics among others.