Tuesday, January 1, 2013

GOOGLE SCHOLAR - A Worthy Techno Search!

I'm glad to write down today - start of the fresh year.. I wish you for stepping up ahead towards your long time goals...

This article is for sharing a worthy news that I came across recently. Some of you may know this already. It's GOOGLE SCHOLAR. It is for study purpose and very useful for students. Especially the research candidates can get optimal results which are very close to their search keyword. It avails the options 'articles with patents' too to get to know more regarding your search. So you will obviously have a quality time in your browsing.

It is Google's academic search engine that aims in publishing journals, books, technical stuffs.

More options are available that you can publish your article. It can be viewed by others through 'My Citations'. Lets dig into tat and find all the possibilities of tat...... Even I'm new.. so if i'm wrong anywhere, pls correct me.. The friends who know know about it, please share how it can be well used..

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