Friday, January 14, 2011

My Wipro Interview Experience! - Part II

The next day came. Morning I got up by 5. Made up myself ready for interview, rushed towards canteen. I put something inside even not knowing what dish it was. After charging up my stomach with delicious dishes, again returned to my room. On the way I saw gym. Tat was the first time I saw the equipments very closer. And none was inside the room. So i entered and noticed all of them. I climbed on the walker machine and standing there, i pushed a button. Suddenly it started working. I would slip if i continued standing on tat. I jumped down. and it was too comedy while thinking now... Even tat is not needed for that time, it made me more relaxed on that fine morning.... Came out of hostel with my baggage after checking my file.  After having read my resume once, i came inside college campus.

I came and joined the queue. Candidates were called out in alphabetical order. So I was called by 8.30 am itself. I found it convenient as I was fully charged with breakfast. There were totally 18 panels and i entered into panel 1. The Project manager was 10+ yrs experienced guy who treated me well. I'm listing the questions what i was asked for.

he introduced himself and asked me to give an intro. at that time he had a glance of my resume. his face seemed satisfied and told 'u have not exaggerated it seems'. then he continued asking technical questions.

PM: wts ur proj(seeing resume)
me: told the concepts clearly from starting to ending (the modules present, core modules, their work, sub          
       modules, how well they support the core modules) in a clean manner.
   ( he stopped noticing resume, and started listening to me. that gave an enthu to explain more)

PM: how u achieved the core module concept? can u code tat now?
me: wrote the essential coding which served the core module.
     (he told tat target appln has been achieved using simple concepts but using it in a complex way. he appreciated tat)

PM: how to delete the third node from the last without using array concept in a linked list. he told me to give entire code.
me: did tat.(temp->next->next==null) is the condition, where temp is the pointer.

PM: programs in  c ( i dont remember all of them. but one of them is how to count the number of consonants in a given string.)
me: (u need to code it in easier way. i did it in such a way tat counting the number of vowels and white spaces and subtracting the count from total number of characters. tat is a simple thing to do tat). he noticed how i tracked the logic. i think this is necessary to grab their attention. after tat, he talked about the coding concepts of java. able to answer.

these r d major questions. others're return value of printf(), c supports overloading.justify.(ans s using multiple printf() stmts in single c program)...Some basic questions in networks. tats all. It lasted for 35 mins. One good thing is we can easily know whether we're selected or not in a round. My tech hr askd me what i thought abt my performance. My answers made me confident that i would easily move further through wipro's interview rounds. I said yes, it was good. He nodded and gave a sheet to fill my personal details.

Then I moved to hr round. HR round is like a formality round, only minimal level of elimination will be there. For me, it was for just 5 to 10 mins. General talk about me,my schooling, my college life. She appreciated the fluentzy level and asked how i made up. I just told abt my hobbies which helped me a lot to improve my fluentzy.

Finally she told that she would hire me. I was advised to wait for the confirmation mail from wipro. I came with satisfaction.

This is my experience, guys. Finally I got that letter from wipro on 24th october 2010 after a week i was interviewed. The most happiest day for my family!!!!!

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