Friday, January 14, 2011

My Wipro Interview Experience! - Part I

Hi friends,

I ve opened my blog after several months(?!?!). Yes, Days are fast moving, here our steps are very least countable. I mean to say I haven't even touched my webpages for around 3 months. I hope you also missed to notice in your busy schedule.

However, this is the time to share some of the happenings, which have changed my life style.Ya, things turned to good. I've got an engineering degree, now a specialization has been added with tat. It means.... I ve entered into software field. After that loads and loads of things happened. So summarizing all of them.. I think this part 'My Wipro Experience' might help any of my juniors.

I got into the mnc WIPRO through campus Interview. I'm just about to present my interview experience here. Well, I entered throught anna university's state level placement program 2010 (during my final year). It was conducted in PSNA, Dindigul, TamilNadu, in the month of october.

There were three rounds viz aptitude round, technical round and final hr round.
Aptitude round was very common as other mnc's. Questions were from reasoning, verbal and math related. One can easily crack it, if some common sense is applied. Most of the queries were like 'eliminating irrelevant answers and selecting the appropriate one'... So proper guessing plays a vital role. So do concentrate on questions and tat's enough. Apply your own logic on math questions. Most probably they were like puzzles...

Then... they took lot of time to display the apti results.  Finally we got it by 5 pm. They took us to a conference hall and one HR congratulated for getting selected, then he explained our next day preparations, and general things about Wipro Technologies etc. Then.... we were asked to write an essay of two pages regarding 'mobile revolution'. As we were well practiced in essay writing through Anna University semester exams, we all could do tat. I filled my pages with some technical contents as i ve heard tat it would play a role in HR interview. But in my case, it wasn't. My HR didn't have time to see that paper (may the reason be we were busy talking about my hobbies during college days and schooling)... What i heard is 'wipro conducts GD if more ppl r shortlisted in aptitude round. all r elimination rounds. We didnt undergo tat round as more got rejected'.

Then, a big issue was arisen, that made my head aching for long time... The organizer of the program asked who were all ready to attend the technical interview right then. he needed atleast 10% of us, as one of the project manager was ready to interview the candidates on the spot. My friends who accompanied me from my college, all  raised their hands except me. I tried to convince them to attend the interview on the next day but i failed. They were so eager to crack it on the day itself. The reason behind that was they thought interview would be easy as the interviewer knew the students were not fully ready for facing it. But i wasn't compromised myself as tat is an idiotic thinking. I tried to turn their minds. But they became deaf that time. So... I was sitting with them and preparing for technical interview. I had nt confined them thereafter. I was clear that i would be attending on the next day. As they are my friends, I was sitting with them... But only one of my frnd got selected for next round. all fell down with technical. As the questions were from mathematics of first year, they were not able to make it. Such things happen. it is as per ur luck and time.

Later they told that they could clear if they appeared on next day, as programming questions were there on technical interview. My frnds were gud enough to crack, but their bad time didnt make it so... They started journey towards hometown and I went to stay at hostel of PSNA, for preparing next day interview.

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