Friday, November 9, 2012

A heart wrenching story of a poor Indian!

This is the heart-wrenching image of an Indian rickshaw worker who has been forced to take his newborn baby to work because there is no-one available to look after her.

Bablu Jatav has been carrying his one-month-old daugher, Damini, in a cloth sling around his neck since his wife Shanti died shortly after giving birth to her. The devoted dad, 38, said he was now forced to take the baby to work with him in Bharatpur city everyday because he has no other relatives to care for her.

Bablu Jatav has to take his newborn daughter to work because there is no-one available to look after her after his wife died shortly after giving birth. In another cruel twist baby Damini was rushed to hospital in Jaipur city earlier this week after she became critically ill .

She was in intensive care after being admitted with septicaemia, anemia and severe dehydration.
Luckily the newborn baby girl is now on the mend and said to be in a stable condition. 'Shanti died soon after delivering the baby at the hospital on September 20.'said Mr Jatav. 'Since then there has been no-one to look after my daughter, I keep her with me even when I pull my rickshaw.

Bablu Jatav was married to his wife for 15 years before she passed away after giving birth to their daughter.
'We had this baby after 15 years of our marriage, my wife was so happy when we were blessed with a daughter, but it is very sad she passed away.' Mr Jatav has been overwhelmed by offers of help after his story emerged and it is believed the Indian authorities are now stepping in to help Mr Jatav after hearing of his plight.

Two lessons can be stated from this story.
The first - God has made us in safe position. The second - We need to give our helping hands to those who are not in safe position...and tat's the reason why we're safe... Our life will be meaningful here...


  1. really nice abi. when i read this article suddenly my mind goes to a one cine song from abium naanum
    "thanthaikum thaiamutham surakum amma en thangathai marpodu anaikayile". I appreciate you for publishing this article in your blog

    1. Thanks Anu. So happy you also started talking in poetic manner.... Those who have heart, have time and mind to be present in every situation....

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