Wednesday, November 14, 2012

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Dear Readers,

While thinking of some persons, we will be occupied with some special feel. Those persons may be our role models. Hmm.. Seguvara! He reminds a very honest path of leading life(a direct fighter who was even ready for giving his life in his goal accomplishment), A.R.Rahman gives a melodic feel over life by making us to live in his musical world  and the kargil soldiers who gave up their life for saving our lives....

In this road ahead, I want to remind you an ever energetic 80 years old youth, one of the greatest scientist - தமிழகத்தின் பெருமை திரு அப்துல் கலாம் அவர்கள்.

Please watch out this video which is a part of Mr. APJ Kalam's speech at European Union when he was the President of India.

Even he reaches the Himalayan height of popularity, it is not shown even a percentage in his face....

"அடக்கம் அமரருள் உய்க்கும்."

This encyclopedia is not only of technology, but also this dictionary of this century tells us how to move with life and people gently throughout.... He is worth a crore salutes....

The moral is - we have to uplift ourselves in any of the fields. Even after reaching the greatest heights, we should remember the place from where we had grown.!

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  1. I really thank you for publishing beautiful articles and viedos.He is only of the best human being for our nation. I want to share some lines from tamil old songs,"maperum sabaithanil nee nadanthal unaku malaikal vizhavandum ". He also prove this words.