Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Weekend trip to Madambakkam!

Days have changed. We have become busier in weekends too.. Holidays were once given to relax from routine life, taking a short break then coming back to work even more brisk. But in these days, we form a tight schedule for doing all the works left during weekdays and preparing for facing forthcoming week etc.... We cant come out of it. Money plays well in our life by making us machines. Need to run along with time. Taking a break for breathing is really rare. My hubby planned to go out somewhere that gives peace. His ultimate aim is staying out of chennai rushes.. But is it possible in chennai?! so we started moving to suburbs that look like villages. Such places are available around south chennai. You can find small ponds near farm lands. We took a ride towards 'MADAMBAKKAM'.

Really it is a nice place to visit. Dad usually opts going anywhere like temples when it is not crowded. He will tell tat peace of mind will go out and finally at the end we will start thinking why we came to temple if we go in rush hours.. tat got sticked in mind so we started by 10 am.. The temple is maintained by TN Govt after they found it as one of the oldest temples in chennai.

The deity is Lord Shiva. Temple is made of rocks. The prahaaram is big enough and surrounded by trees and flowery plants. Almost you could find all the deities inside. Sthala virutcham is nagalinga maram. For the first time, I saw the flower and it smelled awesome.. it was like feeling the smell of mild perfume...

Rarely, the pond was opened. Usually the pond is maintained and surrounded by compound walls for preserving it clean. Seeing the gate opened, we entered into it.. A family was doing 'karuma kaariyam' at one corner.. Without disturbing them, we started walking along the bank.. It was nice walking holding hubby's hand and sharing the surprises of the building dimensions, walking areas, plants, rocky platforms etc.

 Pond - திருக்குளம்

The bank of the pond

The walking area was too wide. But it is closed now. Normally people are not allowed to walk.. Banyan trees are adding pride to the beauty.. Totally the environment was awesome. If it was a fine evening, we would not have heart to come out of it.. 

The view of the temple outer wall

The trip was nice. Seeing such a place near Chennai is very rare.. It was like a grand feast for eyes.. Enjoying the beauty, we returned home.


  1. Abi, If you had a time.. also have a travel to north chennai... But it is too far for you.. If you had a car, it is good..After crossing redhills.. You can see more pleasant temples... One of the main temple is siruvapuri.. ( an murugan temple). Which is too famous there.. Plan only at the weekends and not in any vishesh ( special) days.

    Nice words ... I think you can write a book.. Try to think of it. I will help you in publishing it.. Who can say..., in future, we might see a second ANDAL PRIYADHARSHINI or J K ROWLING...!

    1. Senthil annan,

      its great to hear from you after a long break. Surely i will go there on a day. and if you come to south chennai, pls do visit our home anna. It will be a happy catching. My hubby asks me why I'm narrating stories instead of answers for his every question..:) கதைத்து பழகிடுசசுல. so it's my time for any revenge... he doesnt come to me again for fights u knw....;)

  2. If I read i remembered one incident. You always said " I slip from the auto suddenly a lorry come at high speed the lorry take reverse when i show my hand"..