Sunday, February 23, 2014

Chozhamandal Artist Village - a short trip!

As usual, myself and my hubby got exhausted post lunch on this sunday after spending two days of weekend inside the apartment. We get bored and tensed in apartment as we dont spend time with outside people. Machine life has made us getting involved in some activity all time. Having no work for even a while doesn't seem as leisure time. it is like we are left alone with emptied life.... what a psychological thinking we are getting in this fast moving world. City is more populated but here humans are no where. This is not finding faults in others, but it's the true feel that everyone has in this city. Even limited talks with neighbors... Short mobile talks with family. I was very happy when I talked more... But now finding a person with free time and open hearted is too rare.. so  facebooking and blogging became a companion..

Going through travel blogs has become my later hobby. and I was stunned with the places around chennai... Chennai is not really a city.. It has its roots from old age itself... After lunch only, I surfed net for knowing near by places.. but worried a bit for my late surfing... More and more places are here to spend the whole day time... Ok coming to the point, after long time discussions, fights and arguments, We came to conclude tat the plan is going to Cholamandala Artists Village. We decided tat our late outing should not be a burden for us. bcoz returning late nights is not preferable for me. I will not compromise it otherwise I will lose the joy of outing.  Hubby too agreed as usual. He is a my kind of man and usually he always insists my preference.

We started by 4.30 pm from home. Towards Sholinganallur then to injambakkam on ECR. The roads were very classy and dust free. We can find the difference in ECR suburbs with less traffic and with highly settled people. Hubby likes having tea outside rather than at home, but I don't. So he had his evening tea in a shop in ECR enjoying the beauty of buildings and cars. Meanwhile I inquired about the art village's location. Again we continued moving towards. Finally we found it near a spencer plaza. It was a private road ahead to the artist village. The building seemed some decades old but situated with nature's pride. Platforms were the combination of rocks and tiles. Coconut tree and some other plants welcome us. Enjoying its presence I had a look around. It was totally awesome that I can't believe that I'm standing in highly polluted Chennai city.. Such a calm place it is. pindrop human silence but birds and squirrels were talking.

Parking the vehicle, hubby returned. He prefers staying at calm place. Whenever we go to tnagar or in the midst of heavy crowd, he will see me like his long time enemy showing a sight that why I brought him there. This time with his peaceful face, I found he liked the place so very much. After getting entrance ticket we entered. I completely liked the showcase pieces and some were not catchy for me as painting is too far from my interest. Such kind of lot more technical paintings were kept over there. I liked the way it was showcased. Each and every piece placed in the ground floor can be seen from the first floor too. Such a visibility was there. Air flow was too good inside the building as the ceiling is too high... We liked the interior and we talked about it(on which we had some knowledge about).. Ventilation and all were awesome...

We came to the garden area. Some pieces were showcased there too.. stone carvings, sculptures and some other statues... I took a left and got stunned. It was a BANYAN tree with more sub roots(விழுதுகள்). We took some photos of it.. talked more.. spent around an hour sitting there.... then returned with light hearts...

Weekend trip was nice.. Short trips don't give tiredness and makes me enthu to drive my life in this highly populated lonely city life...!

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