Sunday, February 22, 2015

Kanchi Temple Visit - I

நகரேஷு காஞ்சி ! That's very true and realized while being in middle of Kanchi sculptures... Completely mesmerized... We use to feel lazy to do even small works.. but how these tamizh people have lived a life worth a lot... You will stop breathing for a moment if you see the stone miracles... the ceiling heights of rocky buildings... the majestic view.... the beauty of ancient foot prints and practices.... unable to believe... If I didn't see it direct, I would not believe at all..

Ok. Coming to our journey, it was fine sunday, when my hubby felt relaxed after a long time.. He will be acting like a busy bee at weekends and during weekdays I don't see him at home at all. I and my FIL will call him as a guest of our home. He wanted to spend time alone somewhere. As per the universal saying, a wife will not let hubby to be alone. In that way, I decided to accompany him. As no option, he too agreed. So, finishing our lunch, we started from home by 12 pm by car. Self driving through newly found route is a pleasing thing you know. You will realize it when you do it. We took the route of mudichur, pammal and the road connects with Kanchipuram highways. The route seemed abondonded, full of industries. We found no house and the total place seemed untouched, even no agricultural lands were. Kanchipuram is one of the dry cities in case of agriculture. The water level is 500 to 700 feet under the ground. So, people of Kanchipuram district don't opt agriculture as their profession. That's the reason, it became a industrial area.

We had been going along the route. Finally reached outskirts of the temple city. A wonderful experience started from the moment... Hubby drove and I was enjoying the scenic beauties. It is always better to enquire about the local area to country side people than anyone else. So, hubby stopped car near a roadside tea stall that looked normal. The tea master gave extra information about the temples nearby that holds historical importance.

relaxed parking at kanchi

As per his suggestion, we went to 'Brahmmapureeswarar Temple' (பிரம்ம புரீஸ்வரர் திருக்கோயில்), where the lord Brahmma had made a tabaa towards the lord Shiva. The karbakruham was in circular shape (totally different, I have seen this in Madambakkam temple alone) and the time we entered in was around 3.30 pm. So, none was inside. A sanskrit learning student came and we got stories from him. The lord Shiva's speciality is being very simple with a dignity. Here too, we recognized the same. Because of the peace around us, the prayer turned a heart filled one. And the people told it is a parihaara sthalam for mentally affected people with neurological disorders. It was a new information for us. We did pradhatchanam; got stunned seeing the sorts of trees.. அரை நெல்லி மரம், கடம்ப மரம் and more, for which we don't know the names, were there...

                          Brahmmapureeswar Temple - Inside view

Taking a few snaps and leaving our heart, we started from there. Within 10 minutes, we reached 'Varadharaja Perumal Temple'. 

Varadharaja Perumal koyil

After seeing it, I won't say it is a temple; it is a fort. The compound walls themselves told that we were crossing a magnificent palace. It's a kind of. As it was the first time, we were enjoying the place, we didn't get time to capture the moment. We had enough time for sharing our surprises only. Sure dudes, you will be mind struck and mouth shut. We parked our car safely and went inside. See thess pics. I think you don't need words to understand what was in our mind while entering.

Front view

Chitira koodam

Long chain made in one rock.

The rocky chain is not made separately and chained at last. It was made as it looks. Ya, in one rock. The rocky rings seem detached but cant be separated. The entire mandapam looked like a museum of sculptures.

 I could not make the floor to ceiling's entire view in 10x zoom camera, the ceiling was too high.

Maha mandapam

Temple bell stoobam
Can you guess what the stubi kind of mandapam ( the immediate top picture)? It wa built for placing temple bell.. How advance our Tamizh guys were in interior! such a effort for a simple placement. wondering yaar.. Had a nice feel. Actually thought of visiting all the main temples. but the beauty stopped us here. It became 6.30 when we came out of this. 

Having juice and tender coconut outside, we started our return journey towards home. We both decided to come once more with my mom, who is fond of temple visits. 

Totally we had a very good experience and spent half a day in roaming, nice travelling... The sweet day ended with a light dinner..

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