Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Which IDE is developer friendly for Java developers?

The most hitting question for java beginners is obviously 'which platform to choose'. All the integrated environments provide almost all facilities with same functionalities, equal compatibilities with newer plugins etc. The popular ones are eclipse and netbeans.

Both can be learnt easily, user friendly, blended with plugins.. They differ with the level of usage. First I tell about eclipse. It occupies less space than the other; platform friendly. More plugin support is provided. The plugin extensions can be appended with eclipse is so easy and many online how to tutorials are available.

In case of Netbeans IDE, it seems more formal but occupies more memory for keeping its jar cum other sole APIs in our system. So obviously it takes more time to open its workspace than the other. Functionality wise it is flawless but for doing a project, or for creating a website even it is dynamic going for this will build complexity as the web development needs to include more seperate jar, war, ear files and extra plugins.

So in my perspective, don't complicate the platform because definitely complications will be there during project development. So finally the choice is Eclipse. Most of the incremental builds are being done in eclipse.!6x than netbeans.!

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