Monday, September 13, 2010

A small post for making you to remember me!

Hi friends,

Nice to talk to you after a long time. Yes I gave a long break for blogging bcoz of some stress in my mind... Some troubles particularly 'fear on future'... Yes, the idea of doing higher studies had been dropped down here... Hmm...:(.... fine..:) its enough thinking too much of it.. No other way for me, i have to take the things as it comes..;)...(the caption of my blog plays a main role in my life after creating this blog... ha ha...ha....) All izz well..

You know.., my duty nowadays is relaxing..;)... Actually time is being better now.. except some bitter memories of my life, everything is fine... I have stopped using mobile more nowadays, almost not even once on most of the days.. Living away from these stuffs is really nice and relaxing... Reading newspapers, library magazines... getting more familiar with current affairs, yes... life is going well... I think I need to remember tat I'm an engineer.. yes, because tat much distant i am from my field... cooking , kitchen works, books, novels.... life is tooo liiive.... these lively moments, I won't get in my future... This life will never come back so enjoying to the most...

We are living in 21st century,somewat modernized people.. living under pressure, often meeting deadline... We cant come out of this.. But often i fell on thinking like being in 15th century...:) But... Each of us might meet some unnecessary painful moments in our life in our past... I too... And.. you know, there is no other better medicine than time... yes, T I M E is the best medicine forever... It has the power of curing everything.

Yes, This 'time' alone made me to fall in good things even i'm free for all time. It only taught me to become a fruitful person.. If this free time was not here, I would not identify that I have poem writing skills and documentation skills..

I dont know the purpose of this post, even i'm getting confusing in naming this post....;) All this is for sharing my life with you... I want to conclude with a small punch dialogue "Be satisfied with what you have." Bye dear...:) Stay Cool....

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