Monday, September 20, 2010

Food for thought - Understanding!

As I have been busy for past days, my blog had been left untouchable by me. It became static without any updates. So here, I have given a special re-entry with some news. As the title of the post indicates, this article is related to our inner-self.

Earlier (i.e) our father's and fore father's generation, their 'friends and colleagues' circle was absolutely not bigger than we have now.. Now the trend is that meeting with relatives have been minimized than with friends.. But it's not an intentional one, our living and working situation made our times so... This can't be avoided in this money making world... If we don't have any possessions, we are cornered. This is the fact goes on nowadays.. Okay. Let it be.. In this busy schedule if we do a simple thing, we can avoid all bitter happenings, ofcourse... That small virtue is 'understanding others'.

Yes, When we give helping hands while some other person is in some delicate position, that's the greatest support we give forever. Buddy, Keep your mind open and understand everyone who comes across your life.. Thank everybody no matter they hurt you or they make u happy.. Either you can get happiness from those who make you comfortable or you may get lessons from the one who hurt you.. You need to decide which is important either the person or the lesson... Finally nothing is lost in your life.. Always you're contented. Life has given us all options, we got to choose our own.. Always choose the good one, which is near to your heart that gives happiness....

First understand yourself! Then others! Shortly you will become an expert in making others understandable on you...:) Enjoy life with spirit. Give moral support to those who need it... Live.... and   Let live others...Always good things will be at your side.!
                                                                                                          With Luv & Care,

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  1. nice one abinaya.good that i read ur blog.keep going.if u find time come home(my blog).it might interest u.we talk same language , after all.good day. bye bye.