Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Organic Shops in Chennai!

The term 'Organic' plays magic in city lifestyle. Ya, we're ready to buy any utility that is brought in organic way. Peak on them are millets. Many places provide these millets but very few of them are organic. Most of the provisional stores that are selling these goods as they became attractive. But most of the general stores selling products are not 100% organic. So if you want to get such items, walk in an organic store nearby. Compromise the price for not compromising the quality. Personally, I have felt many times while taking these millet foods, I can stand for a long time; I could go for a long walk; I could travel more without tiredness. The complete result was stomach filled feel even with lesser quantity of food. But the strength is triple than from normal intake. More than fruits intake, millet food gives strength to work.

So, I have listed out some of the organic shops that I have got utilities.
1. Restore, Kottivakkam.
2. OFM, Adyar ( Organic Farmer Market) near Gandhi nagar.
3. Linga Bhairavi organics, Medavakkam (sister concern of OFM).
4. one more organic shop next to cake point, kottivakkam- forgot the name.
5. vayal organics - online buying is there vayalkart.in
6. Dhanyam Organics, T, Nagar.

I am damn sure about these shops' trustworthiness as I ve bought from here. Apart from this, Kaadhi store in any location of Tamilnadu is very good for products with lesser price cum good quality.

Using organic products, we're investing in health. It will definitely reduce our forthcoming usage of tablets. In a society, a human is considered as good citizen with three factors viz good health, good manners and good economy. Maintaining health brings discipline in our everyday life.

So start doing it!

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