Thursday, July 29, 2010

4 days World's Youngest Donor!

This happened on 13 & 14th July of this year. Happened in India!

Hyderabad, July 13: When Mr Kishore Kumar, a young revenue inspector and his wife, Mrs Hymavathi, a government school teacher, were blessed with a baby girl six-days back they were overjoyed. But their happiness was short-lived when doctors at Durgabai Deshmukh Hospital informed that the premature baby had only 50 per cent chances of survival. The child expired on July 12, but not before promising a fresh lease of life to four persons.

The four-day-old baby became India's youngest organ donor, whose eyes and heart valves have been retrieved under sterile conditions for future use.

"Our baby is no more but we have this satisfaction that she will now live amidst other children. Her heart has stopped but her valves will help other hearts beat smoothly and through her eyes, two more people can see the world," said Mr Kumar.

Mrs Hymavathi will soon be discharged from hospital and despite her grief, the 27-year-old mother consented to donate the organs of the baby after her husband convinced her. This was her first baby.

"I was motivated by my distant cousin. He told me about the case of a DSP's wife who died in an accident. Her organs were donated. So I thought, 'why not let my daughter also do a noble deed even in death?'" said Mr Kumar, adding that if the occasion again comes in future to donate organs, he and his family would definitely do so.

Mr Kumar's cousin said, "I did my best to convince the family who responded in a positive way, including the baby's grandmother. They were mentally prepared by the doctors about the baby's deteriorating condition when she was put on ventilator. I had also informed Mohan Foundation to help recover the organs on time."

Dr Vivek Babu of Innova Hospital, who had retrieved the heart valves from the infant, said that the 1.6 kg pre-term child was all right for the first three days but developed neonatal infection after that.

"We found that her parents were willing to donate her organs. It's a noble thing that the whole family has come forward to do," said the doctor. The eyes have been retrieved successfully by L.V. Prasad Eye Institute and her valves can be stored for about two months and can be used to treat children who are suffering from birth defects such as absence of or underdeveloped heart valves called Pulmonary Atresia and Truncus Arteriosus.

The valve harvesting will help the smooth flow of blood from heart to the lungs, explained Dr Babu. "With general awareness increasing, this year donations of organs of 16 brain-dead persons have taken place in the city," said Dr Raghuram and pointed out that obtaining small-sized valves from baby donors is difficult and rare.

Commercially available heart valve tubes are usually imported from abroad and are quite expensive. Neonatal donors can give a fresh lease of life to babies with rare heart diseases. "It's actually the intention of the family that matters and I pray to God that Hymavathi again gives birth to a healthy baby," he added.

See, the couples have behaved gently even they were having painful moments! Mrs.Hymavathi, the mother, she had carried her baby - her soul for ten months, with loads of expectation! she had prooved "நிகழ்காலம் விழலுக்கு இறைத்த நீரானாலும், வாழ்க்கை வாழ்வதற்கே!"

A lady with true heart! We have to learn a lot from others!! Here, from this mother!  Living doesnt matter; letting others live matters a lot!! 

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