Saturday, July 17, 2010

Students Using Internet!!

I just opened newspaper today. An article was there related to students and internet! You can know what content would be there without any guess and doubt. Ya, the chances of using internet in wrong way. But... Do you think the reason of using internet purposeless is student alone? The answer will be 'Never'.. Major part is of the search engine only. The search engines provide irrelevant data and soon they become the source for making users get diverted. See, in google go for anything; among the top 10 results given by google, nearly 5 - 6 will be from malicious sites. Unwanted contents... I just got shocked while searching in google images under the part 'school life'. The results shown were like 'illegal affair with chemistry mam','students enjoying at classroom'.. I couldnt bear this... Even this is normal in western countries, this wont suit to our culture.. I think this would be the reason of bing's popularity in its earlier days. Absolutely bing offered more things, but failed to provide the essentials. As Google is the God of search engine, None could repalce it. the strength of Google is its wide spreading. Google alone can penetrate through the invisible web.. But still Invisible web is much more larger than visible part of www. But google is not ready to make it corrected bcoz it doesnt want to lose its popularity. And another cobra is youtube, what it does? If you want to know the ugly face of youtube, just open an account there. You can know how it works! Bad people are like virus.They are capable to create their replicas.

We are losing our tradition gradually. Few years later, we cant feel our culture; we can just read in our text books and libraries.. Particularly to teenagers,
"We cant make big bodies to be good. We should be safe in this e-society. We have to move on our own. So Stay apart from bad! Bad attracts more than good, but it wont provide a beautiful life like good does!! More useful things are available in net. More intellectual groups of people are working and sharing worthy news online.! Why can't u be one among them? So be clear at your point "தீதும் நன்றும் பிறர் தர வாரா!".. Move On! Go ahead!! Dont fall behind blind things, a great innovative future is awaiting you.! "


  1. s.. I agree with u abi... The world is filled with saint fins and witch sins.. It is normal and nature... God created this world with those both features... I think it is necessary to know how to detach the bad ones from gud ones which is like a gud one... Your thoughts are absolutely right which is essential to keep all in their mind.. Nice to see such mature words from you as a brother...!

  2. Brother, u know none is perfect in this world. I'm also. I've also done idiotic things in internet. I should accept the truth rite. But now everything is going on right path, i think. I cant forget ur part, ur talks which make me too disciplined, too enjoyable! I've changed from sentimental to practical absolutely u r also one of the reason. tis s not my feeling buddy, telling d fact.! rite?

  3. very nice,i agree, we are all waiting for new generation world, and one thing "As Google is the God of search engine" i couldn't accept this word, may be "father of search engine okay"...

  4. Gud abi , I am wholeheartedly happy to have such longstanding relationship with u as a brother that i am sure that nobody is ready to accept their wrongs. I am glad that you are not like that.It is necessary to accept our badness. Also it is necessary to rectify from that.. Who one can able to deduct the badness in himself or herself can go places.. I got a quote from a book.. " DID YOU ASK SORRY FOR YOURSELF..? DID YOU EVER HAD A THOUGHT TO SAY THANKS FOR YOURSELF " I just had thinking for about one week in the above words. . If we normally ask the question to anybody, They just simply laugh, why should i want ask sorry & thanks for myself. But, it is important to say thanks to your body, that it is making you to move for your daily doings.. If it makes any interrupt like pains, fever, or any other immovable disrupts, what can we do ..? We just want it repair by going to the doctor..! But, you can see your body doing its job correctly, Heart is pumping, Blood flowing, Brain working..all and all... If we disturb it by doing any unwanted which makes the body to feel uncomfortable, by drinking alcohols, smoking, nonveg and also other unhygienic will makes you not to move,.. These long words are briefed just to KEEP DISCIPLINED both IN MIND and also IN BIND BODY...! Just have a practice to speak with u every day about your yesterdays bad and good ones physically and mentally... This makes me good for long time.. It is my personal experience.. Just say THANKS to you for keeping you a brisk, brilliant, innovative and informative EVERYDAY... Also give your please SORRY to you for any bad done by yourself...!
    TRY IT.....
    I think it will works to all which is useful in self evaluation... Which makes you always disciplined.....!

    Sorry for this long sharing essay...!

    I just want to say what i thought....!

  5. Aiyo kodumai comments e oru essay mathiri aaiduchu...!

  6. senthil anna,
    idhu essay va. ungala madhri pechalargaluku idhu evalavo kammi. i wud luv to hear more from you. unga viewve thani. ungala madhri vaazhkaiya pakravangala na idhu varai pathadhila... i want to follow ur way of living! idhu essay kidaiyadhu anna...