Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Participation in Singing Competition!

Ya, after a short break i'm starting to post. But I dont have any topic in hand. So I want to tell about my life journey to some extent. While started thinking about 'my life', I'm accumulated with thoughts. ya, that's man's nature and i'm also a human being....:) So lemme start with one interesting happening!

In my school days, i had done very good tat i participated in competitions like speech, essay etc... My voice while singing wouldnt be good, but i did sing.. ya. it was singing competition....:) i didnt worry about the three judges, all participants around 100 heads... i sang.. ya tat time i was a child. so i was nt aware of how people would think of me and all.. "இளங்கன்று பயமறியாது." this went on two times and the third opportunity came. tis time a great comedy cum tragedy happened. because My mom was one of the judges for singing competition. I saw her and shocked. I didnt know tat she would be coming. I felt like "Oh! Do I have to sing in front of her? God, why this happened?" but who can change the fate? It happened.! She saw me in the group but she didnt show anything in her face. I was puzzled of her doing like tis. Because she didnt know about my participation there. I told tat I just about to participate in essay competition only. Really i feared a bit... Unable to read her mind....Ya, usually she has been a woman with more moral courage and sympathy, tat time i didnt know which thing would work out; her strictness or sympathy. I too didnt show anything, usually i wont show my feelings in my face. good or bad, i do remain silent... finally, my turn came.. I too went there and took the mic... Started singing... not really singing but something happened other than talking... ok? the song i was practised was"theeraadha vilayaatu pillai - kannan theeraadha......".... she didnt see my face. but aftr sometime she had a look at me.. tat too for few seconds.. rest of the judges didnt know about the close relationship between me and her... they put mark and while i saw them, they two were discussing about my performance.. and pls notice.. my grtttt mom didnt interrupt them, she was sincerely looking for the next candidate... The two judges told me to wait for the results. they treated me good.. i  came and sat with my friend who accompanied me... she pinched me telling, "hey, abi. ur mom has come.".. i said her to be silent and told the fact about her not knowing my participation.. she again screamed retaining her old same pitch, "oh abi, u'll get beatings surely idiot.."... i completely lost my courage because of her talk.... then... the competition was going on.. . we have been served with cool drinks.. the drink given to me was in orange color..  Mirinda... tempted me more... it was veryy cool as ice was ther in it.. what i was advised by doctor was "i should not use any cool items for intake.." doctors told me not to cry even not to feel bad about anything as i had sinus trouble on those days! so whenever i saw these stuffs outside, i wouldnt miss them.. i looked her whether she noticed me.. asusual she didnt... so i drank a glass full of cool drink swiftly.. because i was in a hurry.. i should make the glass empty before she sees me, rite? finally everything went on well... i got prizes in speech competition and essay competition not in singing competition... i knew the result before itself as my mom was in the judge panel in singing competition...:) But the real reason was my voice... I didnt think it as an issue. she called me in the school for taking me to home... she did driving well.. now too i'm fond of seeing  her way of driving... looks majestic... i reached home with her... she didnt open her mouth while driving... i thought it didnt matter... Dad was there at home.. Because it s sunday... Such competitions were usually conducted on Sundays at my school as staffs didnt want to bunk classes... She told something to him.. i thought she was telling about the prizes I got in competition.. Dad came with anger and started scolding me.. i didnt know the reason behind his scoldings... really puzzled... in the mid of his scold only i got tat she had seen me swallowing the softdrink!!! But she had behaved like not noticing me... They gave a severe warning tat if i continue having cool drinks and icecream, they would take me to dental clinic for removing the affected teeth.. After a long time scolding from everybody at home, i was consoled by my sister.. She gave me a hug and told "abbi dog! don't cry!"...

After tat, i havent participated in singing competition. It was my last!

Such an interesting experience I had in my life! In tat time, my age was 11. Ya, i was studying 6th standard.!


  1. Semma Story Abi...Really enjoyd..(the title itself make me laugh ha ha !!!)
    wen i read dis u n moms reactions cum acrossd in my mind...

  2. amala, "i participated in singing competition" is a comedy for you! Indian history has lost a singer priya.. wt else we can say?....;)

  3. Nam vaalkaiyin sila pakkangalai purattum pothu thaan namakku padukirathu....! Vaalkai evvalavu alagaanathu.....! I think your mom had reduced marks or suggested to the judge panel not give you prize only for as because you had drunk that soft drink...!

    She is more conscious only in your health and not in your talent....!

    But neenga oru thadava paadi naan ketkanum...!

    Open request..!

    Kidaikumaa antha paakiyam enakku?

  4. unakula oru singer irndada marchtye

  5. Senthil anna, neenga en voice a kekama irukradhe better. ungaluku theriyaadhadha?;)