Friday, July 16, 2010

A Small Intro abt me!


Ya, That's Abinaya from TamilNad, a girl trying to make herself smart! But nothing will be live, if things are brought with a hard try! It should happen by nature. So the only possibility is making it as a habit. Habit dies hard!! Ya, things seem like being caught...:)

I'm not a different being wit different look, different thoughts.. Everyone is driving on their own way in the life of journey. Likewise, i'm too... Really saying, i've not done anything good not only to others, even to me... More people are doing things in great manner but what i have done? Absolutely nothing...!!! Trying to do... and... People often misconceive others and none could escape from these misconceptions. The only thing we should do is not noticing them. We should be the super power of our life. Of course everyone is a hero in his perspective. In tat kind, I'm also..

I'm the follower of great monk Swami Vivekanandha. According to me, following grt ppl is the only way to make ourselves mannered! First follow, then make others follow!!(the theme of my blog address...:) ) But don't think me too spiritual.. I want to be a well mannered body of society..

Its enough talking about myself, i think! Come and stay in touch wid me for sharing getting my thoughts!!


  1. ever learning student.....!

    Athaan paarthaalae theriyuthae Ms. ABINAYAGANESAN .. ME..,

  2. I'm neither a software developer nor a PG student!

  3. First follow, then make others follow!!

    valid pt..

  4. Pugazh sir,Thanks for visiting tis page...:)