Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kannukkul Anbirundhaal! - The novel I recently came across.


I got a very good response for my recent post which s a tamil article. Thanks for that. I was enthused because of the responses I got that has made me to continue posting.

Fine. I'm a regular library goer. I use to read all sorts of books and.. while getting bored i preferred novels, particularly family novels... Yesterday.. i went to library. I started with dailies, then magazines... was reading... finally i was tired reading CSR magazine.. I think you know well it is a knowledge bank and excellent magazine for improving GK, personality and all good things... So it wont be like time pass, a worthy reading.. Such magazines are also there in India... and its a good news that youngsters prefer such magazines... I couldnt go through the pages of CSR for a longtime so i switched off to novels. I searched more, but no favorite author's book i got. So i took a book named 'Kannukkul Anbirundhaal' written by JeyaSakthi. While taking it, i didnt think it would be good. But while turning over the pages, I got stunned with a beautiful run of the story.

The start was normal but the travel was too good.... everybody will enjoy with this.. If you get a chance of seeing this book, dont miss to read it..

The story was... A fair, beautiful girl, completed M.A in english marries a guy who is doing grocery business. He is a 12th completed guy, who is dull in color. He is not fair, but good looking.. But that 23 year young girl has had more dreams abt her marriage life, husband.. She doesnt like tis guy who is opposite to all her dreams. It was an arranged marriage. Even she refused, her mom compelled more to adapt this. Because her father is going to retire in next two months. He has to settle his three daughters and she is the first. And the guy is from a rich family. But all the things he possesses came from his hard work.. During first night, the gal says everything to her guy.. He is shocked but he gives all the freedom to her. He even doesnt touch his wife, he stays in another room. Both r like living in a hostel.. The start goes like this... The gal is ilakkiya and guy is manivaasakan... how ilakkiya realises her husband's great thoughts, his tolerance... tis s d story.. Finally she wants to be a good wife of manivaasakan, a well disciplined man. These things are the rest of the story.. One of the most beautiful novels I read. During the travel, we also want to be discipline like the story characters..

You too read this novel if you get any chance.. "யாம் பெற்ற இன்பம் பெறுக இவ்வையகம்! " The author JeyaShakti has inscribed each happening like the change of the mind of two, the romance, the tolerance that the guy got with his wife, his business tactics, his hardworking nature...... Too enjoyable.... nice run of the story.!

Read it!


  1. Abi,
    I think that you greatly inspired by that novel.. Offcourse , i also want to share you onething, that now in my going life , i resembles the character of ilakkiya and the girl who selected now as my fiancy by my parents resembles manivaasakan..!

    Ithuku mela phone pesum pothu solren...!

  2. Brother,

    You've told many times tat Beauty lies in character. You told abt her during your last call. I think in life peace is necessary more than money n beauty. If you think tat she can give it to you, dont miss her. Who knows, her entry into ur routine may be the best part of your life.

    If'beauty' is the only reason for your having of such mindset, kindly change it. while talking to you recently, you were exicted abt her character and innocence. Tats d sweetest thing ever.

    I'm eagerly awaiting your call.