Wednesday, August 4, 2010

India - My Country! Its mine!!

I bow my head infront of this child! Don't miss to see this video!!

Friends, Saw this video? How's it? Have we done like this? Tis small guy... That is patriotism. what a live talk wit Indian mother! We were not like this in our childhood. Atleast we can spread the word 'India' to our country children.

60 years went away after getting independence. Any of us know the whole history behind this.? like.. how our grandparents and their parents fought for freedom? how they struggled to live..? They are the reasons for our present living in this divine country... I think we are like 'our duty finishes with knowing those things; hw everything happened till 1947'... Is it so? Its like "ஏட்டு சுரைக்காய் கறிக்கு உதவாது. " Knowing is for implementing only... We should keep safe this India not only the reason its our country, its like respecting the freedom fighters..

Let me come to the point that "Don't see others like hw they behave, how they provide their participation and all. No matter how others are, we should do our duty sincerely." See... India's economy is growing... besides corruption too... What is happening in Common Wealth 2010? What happened with Lalith Modi in IPL? In road contracts of India... During Ganges-Cauvery plan....? Everywhere corruption and favourism... Where India goes? In spite of all these things, India holds a gud place in world's history. The reason is our 'RESOURCES'.. The main is human resource and food resource.. HR is more than enough in India; more than 50% of Indians are youngsters! But food... If it starts depleting, it s like the start of positional decrease of India..Urbanisation is the main reason. But more subsidy are there. Able to implement. but govt is not ready  why....?

India needs not go outside for the guidance in this matter... Mr. APJ Kalam has predicted well in his book "India 2020"... He is the most genius person who wants to make India to shine in all departments.. All the tactics and strategies have been given by him clearly... Do u remember a saying "Success is under our feet; we are not ready to bend!".. Its true in such matters!!!

Ok... We can make a powerful India only if we are out of corruption! Be honest in your mind! "அப்பழுக்கற்ற வாழ்வே அழகானது!" Energize yourself seeing this child! Youngsters are the future of India! Get the feel of being true to our country.. India is ours! We should own it! We should not be ready to give up our belonging to anyone!!! Are you ready to lose ur property? India - a rare gem! We should give a corruption free, pollution free India to our children as our parents did!

Be an Indian! सत्यमेव जयते!