Monday, August 23, 2010

Petrol Price Hike in India!

One of the main issue in India is 'PETROL PRICE HIKE'. Our government has been burdening people by increasing the price of goods. Even everything got raised , petrol hike s a very important notable issue as everyone buys this frequently.It's like their basic need in this modern world! More oppositions were raised against the UPA. This time, besides opposition, a large support for tat opposition made India to consult more about this issue. Mr. Manmohan Singh told tat  "people should understand the status of our Indian Government and people are wise enough to understand the reason of this hike." Still the crude oil costs the same. Then why Government has increased its price?

In India, even poorer people are living on average but.. still India is a rich country, 12th richest country in the world. So Govt thinks tat the people can manage as salary hike is given then and there. Ok, people could manage, then why this much strong opposition is there for this issue? The reason is "India is buying crude oil from Arab countries for Rs.35 per litre. The cost of refining is 60 paise. So the total cost is around Rs.36. The rest of the price are our tax to government." So, Govt has not increased the petrol price, indirectly it increased the tax payable. And recently after a long gap, the salary of M.Ps has been tripled. Where the money comes? From our tax alone... They are not ready to provide what people need, no visits to rural area without cameras and media... Boarding lodging free.... Free pass for traveling tat too with family.... Besides commission too.. corruption.... Then why salary hike..?

Understand where India goes.. Know the reasons behind the political happenings. Even they've not ready to be lenient with us, even they're not hearing our words, we must be aware of our surroundings.. Then how India is growing!! Incredible India!!!


  1. வணக்கம் தங்கை அபிநயா..,

    நாட்டின் மீதும், நாட்டு மக்களின் மீதும் தாங்கள் கொண்டுள்ள அக்கறை ஆச்சர்ய படுத்துகிறது. இந்தியா ஒரு வித்தியாசமான நாடு. ஒவ்வொரு 500 கீமி அப்பாலும் புதிய மொழி, கலாச்சாரம் , உணவு என அத்தனையும் வேற்றுமைகளில் ஒற்றுமை கொண்ட நாடு..! இத்தனை வேற்றுமைகளையும் சமாளித்து நாட்டினை சரியான பாதையில் அழைத்து செல்லும் ஜனநாயக அரசாங்கத்தில் சில குறைகள் என்பது சாத்தியமே..! அந்த குறைகளை களைந்தால் இந்தியா வல்லரசு கனவு வசப்பட்டு விடும் என்பது திண்ணம். குறை கூறி நிறை தேடும் பழக்கத்தை விடுத்து, இருக்கும் நிறைகளை மிகைப்படுத்தி மேலும் நிறை பெறலாமே.. என்று சிந்திக்க வைப்போம்..!

    மா இ செந்தில் குமார்

  2. Brother,

    Its nice of you finding positives everywhere. But I feel its enough to say the truth. No exaggeration.

    I found this in 'India Today' magazine. Just posted this for making others know about this. If any gud thing happens(!!) I will share it yaar..:)