Friday, August 27, 2010

Career - My View!

I'm being at home for 24 hours a day..And most of the time spending alone.. To whom I can talk else... Friends are being busy with their chores... So here i'm sharing some of my views with you... And sharing is the purpose of my blogging here..;) So please read ahead...

In this world, everybody have to make their life worthy. Ways are many for that; what we choose is important. What most of the people choose? Answer is 'money'. Ya, we ve to be money minded in this world. We can't change it bcoz it's too late.. More decades passed after ppl starting to run for money.... Running for money is not a bad thing... But 'conscience assassination' is the worst unbearable thing while running for money... yes, it is the true fact... Even this world is large enough, while people have discovered almost all part of the world, their hearts ve been narrowed. why? Because of the 'fear on future'. Money has the power of breaking the fear. If i have enough money, i get the confidence of facing whatever come across in my life. Does it stop with this? No..... I start earning more and more to give the same confidence to my children. Yes, I try to save money to give a good life for them too... So... this repeats and repeats... again and again..... in a circular path... then where I can stop.... in death only... Is that necessary... For toiling i've born? No yaar...... Life is a linear path... I need more fun, more enjoyments, more and more care from my lovable...  Nowadays, people are earning more as well as they have increased their expenses too... Saving is more important than earning... Saving only matters... If a man earning 50k's expenses are 30k and another one earns 35k spending 8k of his salary every month, then both r saving equally...

So Build a career not only for earning money... Career is the one which makes you satisfied by doing it... it should not be like pushing you to the extremity of tension... If you need time to accomplish it, just wait... and start to make yourself working for the goal. You can succeed... We should not pass time by estimating others life and imitating it... We have our own! We deserve to decide our future.

While sharing these things, the movie '3 idiots' comes across in my mind often... People who have seen it cant forget the two supporting characters of amir khan.. Maadhavan and Sharman Joshi.... The specialty is...those who have found their potential better choose it as their career... like wt Maadi did.... And if we dont know for what we deserve, its better to be an expert in what we do and where we are... ya, tats wt done by Sharman... (He got a campus offer while completing his graduation in Imperial Engineering College.). The great words ve been pictured in tat movie... Yes, we ve to give a nod for this..Dear friends, start following this.

That's nice of you bearing with my words here..!


  1. தமிழ் மணத்துல வந்தா, ஒரே இங்கிலிபீசா இருக்கு...!

    However, nice sharing... nice try...!